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Creating Value Through Efficient Planning

PDC delivers complete and innovative decision support software for resource planning and scheduling in many lines of business, including aviation, health, retail and others.


Our focus is on businesses operating in environments characterized by complicated regulations and dynamics where a change in one context spreads to the following tasks to be performed. We deliver a broad suite of solutions all based on knowledge based technology.

PDC supports corporations of all sizes worldwide to gain profit, efficiency, reduce costs as well as provide them with the overview and insight required to optimize their processes and performance. Finally, our solutions are made by people who understand the complexity and demands of your operation whilst providing excellent personal support.

bullet 200.000 people's work plans are managed using PDC StaffPlan.


bullet 20% of the world's air traffic is coordinated using PDC SCORE
(1 billion passengers).


bullet 32  international air carriers and 350 airports use PDC solutions to operate efficiently.


bullet 350  airlines are online self-coordinating their slots using OCS. 

 bullet 122 airports representing 21 countries offer OCS to airlines for self-service slot management.


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