32 international air carriers

use PDC solutions to operate efficiently

350 airlines

are online self-coordinating their slots using OCS

122 airports representing 21 countries

offer OCS to airlines for self-service slot management

30% of the world’s air traffic

have their airport slot times managed by coordinators using PDC SCORE

Creating Value With Plan-Do-Control


PDC offers integrated and cost-effective solutions for:

  • Commercial Planning and Fleet Management
  • Operations Control and Following
  • Crew Management

Business Jets

A first-class suite of applications for scheduling and managing of flights, documents, crew, handlers, etc.

This unique tool provides instant handling of all kinds of contracts, negotiated price, customer information, etc.


Airports / Ground H.

Ensuring smooth operations at an airport.

  • Resource Management System
    - staff scheduling and equipment management
  • Stand and Gate Planning
  • Contract Management and Control

Slot Coordinators

The world leading solution for airport slot coordination.

  • PDC SCORE - capacity management at coordinated airports
  • Online Coordination- "self service" coordination over the internet

Aviation planning and scheduling

I have worked with PDC Aviation Suite in NextJet for several years – and earlier also in another airline.
I am very satisfied with the functionality and the features that are included.
I particularly appreciate PDC's support and skilled staff as well as the responsiveness they have to suggestions from customers.

says Kenneth Norling, Operations Controller at Next Jet

 Airline planning and optimization

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PDC's Business Areas

  • Schedules PlanningFlight planning and scheduling

  • Operations ControlAirline flight operations control

  • Business Jetsflight operations planning in private jets

  • Slot Coordinationairport slot coordination

  • Ground HandlingWorkforce management in airports

  • Stand PlanningAirport stand and gate planning

  • Flow PredictionAirport passenger flow prediction

  • MaintenanceAircraft maintenance planning