PDC News


January PDC and "Danish Prison and Probation Service" have entered an agreement about delivery of a workforce management solution. We look forward to implementing PDC-StaffPlan for all 5000 employees.


November GRU Airport in Sao Paulo has aquired PDC SCORE for slot coordination
November Cochin Airport in India has aquired PDC SCORE for slot coordination
November San Francisco Airport has aquired PDC SCORE for slot coordination
September Sunair from Denmark has acquired the entire PDC Airline Suite - FlightTime, FlightOps and FlightCrew
September NEOS from Italy has acquired FlightTime.
May The Brasilian airports "Aeroporto Internacional de Belo Horizonte" and "Viracopos International Airport" have aquired PDC SCORE for slot coordination.
April The Canadian aviation service company, Strategic Aviation, has acquired PDC RMS to establish resource (mainly manpower) requirements to fulfill SLA’s with their airline clients.
PDC RMS will be used in 22 airports across Canada.
March Qatar Airways also acquired PDC SCORE for slot coordination in Doha Airport.
March ACSA (Airport Company South Africa) has acquied PDC SCORE for slot coordination in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg.


November CAA of Taiwan has acquired PDC SCORE for airport slot coordination..
October Mols-Linien (ferry company) and PDC have entered an agreement about delivering PDC StaffPlan for workforce management.

October PDC has entered an agreement with "Stobart Air" from Ireland about delivery of the entire PDC Aviation Suite - FlightTime, FlightOps, FlightCrew, FlightLite, FlightBag and FlightBoard.
July Egypt Air has aquired PDC FlightOps and PDC FlightTime systems to manage flight operations control and schedules planning
June PDC StaffPlan is available in a Spanish version - meaning that we support 8 different languages.
May PDC had two successfull "PDC StaffPlan Networking Days" where we gathered StaffPlan client across several different lines of business. The days were very appreciated by the participants who benefitted a lot from networking with colleagues.

May Indonesia Airport Slot Management has acquired PDC SCORE for airport slot coordination.
January PDC made a “heart transplant" project for Scandinavian Airlines Systems by replacement of a mainframe solution with FlightTime - while both systems were up and running.


December Atlantic Airways acquires PDC Aviation Suite (FlightTime, FlightOps and FlightCrew) to perform schedules planning, ops control and crew scheduling.

November PDC entered an agreement to deliver PDC StaffPlan to Falck in Sweden and Spain.
October The South Korean airline T'Way has acquired the PDC FlightOps, PDC FlightTime and PDC FlightCrew systems to manage flight operations control and crew scheduling.

September COOP DK (large Danish retail chains) includes the FAKTA chain stores in their use of PDC StaffPlan.

August The Greek airport slot coordinator, Hellenic Slot Coordination Authority – HSCA, has acquired PDC SCORE.

August The Colombian airport slot coordination authorities, Aerocivil, has acquired PDC SCORE.

July The national Norwegian Mail Service enters agreement with PDC about delivery of PDC StaffPlan for their entire staff.

January TV2 Lorry (Danish Broadcaster) has acquired PDC StaffPlan / PDC RMS for workforce mangement and general resource planning.

January The Indian airline ‘IndiGo’ has tied up with PDC FlightTime system to support long term flight scheduling and slot management requirements.