Airport Slot Coordination and Reporting

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Airport Slot Quality and Control

PDC-SCORE supports the scheduler in performing slot allocation with uncompromised high quality and enables efficient control of the slot schedules. Allocation of slot times can be made according to runway, parking, gate, stands, check-in and/or passenger flow limits, either separately or combined.

When handling an SCR request, the system will show exactly which flights are in violation of capacity limits, either in a graphical presentation or in plain text. This ensures effective control of capacity limits for both runway and terminal capacities. The system handles any number of limits with rolling factors, thus it can match the precise government/airport regulations at your airport.

PDC-SCORE enables consideration of historical precedence. When slots are allocated, requests with historical rights can be allocated first, ensuring adherence with historical precedence and a high quality of slot scheduling.

airport slot coordination

Airport Slot Performance and Flexibility

The PDC-SCORE workspace offers full window flexibility in a multi-user/single-user environment. PDC-SCORE provides validation of SCR requests with remarkably fast response times, even with large amounts of data: Each SSIM Message request validation with a series of arrivals and departures, will typically be validated and processed in less than 10 seconds.

Automatic download of TTY or Email messages makes it possible to handle even large amounts of requests efficiently. Other non-SSIM format requests can be either typed in directly or moved from a text editor with the "cut-and-paste" system functions. The multitasking, windowed PDC-SCORE concept allows the user to view several windows at the same time. This could mean viewing several airport/ season/ terminal combinations simultaneously or open a graphical display window while processing a telex to see the results of the telex validation.

airport runway management

Yearly, over 10 million take-offs and landings are coordinated using PDC SCORE