OCS - Online Coordination System

This coordination system provides air carriers with a rich set of self-coordination facilities.

Using the Online Coordination System (OCS) all air carriers (airlines and General/Business Aviation operators) with a user account will be able to undertake much of the routine work of coordination, currently undertaken by sending and receiving SSIM messages themselves.

Using the World Wide Web air carriers will be able to access the slot databases in real time and view, add, change and delete flights in their own slot portfolio at an airport operated by a participating coordinator.

Features without an account

The slot availability pages can be used to search for ad hoc and seasonal runway slots. Please note: Other constraints, such as terminal or night period restrictions, may prevent slots being allocated as requested.

airline slot self-coodination


350 international airlines are self coordinating their slots using OCS. The clients include large airlines like British Airways, Delta Airlines and all together they have acquired more than 1324 accounts to OCS.