Airport Stand and Gate Planning

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Real-time flight displays keep you informed

To support you in the daily work, PDC StandPlan displays all time-based information about flights in and out of the airport in a sophisticated GANTT chart. Using innovative display techniques the chart includes a wealth of information without crowding the display.

Benefitting from an online connection with your AODB, PDC StandPlan ensures updated data and prevents redundancy.

Automatic check for the most effective Solution

A large amount of assignments can be done automatically and with small manual effort a complete stand and gate plan may be finished within minutes. Using a comprehensive rule-engine, PDC StandPlan always identifies the optimal and less costly solution when allocating stands.

airport stand and gate planning

Multi-user functionality

Changes made by one user are instantly available to all other users. Each user can define his own displays, panes and color schemes depending on his specific needs but all data is commonly used. This gives the possibility to e.g. share the responsibility for parts of the airport or you can split the work by terminal, airline, etc.

Fixed and customizable work processes

PDC StandPlan includes a number of fixed templates or work scenarios that cover standard traffic patterns. In addition, the planner has the option to make his own templates which contribute to the flexibility of stand allocation.

Reporting and business intelligence

All information, prospective and retrospective, is available for further processing and reporting. All sorts of reports can be produced in terms of expenditure, use, performance, etc.

stand planning in airports