Airport Stand and Gate Planning

Airport Stand Planning

PDC StandPlan is a decision support system used for planning the assignment of stands and gates in an airport. A wealth of facilities will lead you through all planning stages of gate/stand planning – from long-term specification of apron characteristics and requirements to last minute revisions on the day-of-operation. Once defined, gate and stand utilization is optimized while also providing an overview that enables increased capacity.

Make Stand Planning Decisions You Can Trust

Based on real-time data describing the flights in and out of the airport, PDC StandPlan does more than just notify you of a scheduling conflict. A combination of business rules and decision-making functions enables you to resolve the assignment problems quickly and efficiently.

PDC StandPlan takes into account hundreds of interrelated constraints such as arrival patterns, airline rules, service preferences, handler rules and preferences. Moreover, you have complete control of all the rules and access to easily adjust or update them. Within minutes, you can update the constraints or create new ones in order to modify your assignment strategy. For example, you can set up hard rules that the planner can never violate, such as never parking two specific aircraft types at adjacent stands, and soft rules that allows gate planners to make gate-assignment decisions.

The result is that you can always trust that PDC StandPlan delivers a workable and cost effective assignment solution.

Stand and gate planning

Borispol Airport (Kiev), has successfully implemented PDC StandPlan in 2012 as a part of the airports resource optimization. We find the system most flexible and intuitive to use. We have many users with different needs but they all find the system easy to configure showing information for the task at hand. We can easily modify and adjust parking and gating constraints to reflect long term as well as temporary restrictions. This is truly a powerful tool ensuring the best use of the resources in the airport.

Andrey Kharaman, Head of IT-department