Airport Resource Planning and Scheduling

PDC Airport Suite

PDC RMS for ground handling is an all-in-one planning, execution and follow-up IT solution. The solution solves the complexity of ground handling e.g. aircraft / time table changes, real-time movements, disruptions, etc. The objective is to ensure on-time performance, increase productivity and profit margins. Furthermore, you can increase utilization of GSE, reduce staff turnover and gain overview of potential new business.

PDC StandPlan offers a stand planning solution to airports to efficiently manage their stands, gates and lounges - both on long term and on the day-of-operation. PDC StandPlan integrates seamlessly with existing AODB - alternatively an AODB can be included with PDC StandPlan.

PDC CMC supports ground service providers to handle and administer contracts and services in accordance with IATA AHM 810 and IATP FORM-55 standards. Hundreds of contract pages need to be administered and updated frequently - often for every new season depending on frequency and/or aircraft changes. It may be difficult to ensure that staff in each airport has access to the correct version of the current contract specifications. This is easily solved using PDC CMC.

airport planning and resource optimization

Clients Say

planning and optimization in airports  Borispol Airport (Kiev) has successfully implemented PDC StandPlan in 2012 as a part of the airport resource optimization. We find the system most flexible and intuitive to use. We have many users with different needs, but they all find the system easy to configure showing the information for the task at hand. We can easily modify and adjust parking and gating constraints to reflect long term as well as temporary restrictions. This is truly a powerful tool ensuring the best use of the resources in the airport.

Andrey Kharaman, Head of IT- dept.