Service Provider Contract Management

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Be Up-to-Date with 2013 Changes

The latest 2013 (and former 2008) IATA Standard Ground Handling Agreement are both available. Why not use this opportunity to make it easier? The built-in wizard for contract establishment makes it possible to draft a contract and follow up the status of the contract in a comprehensive way.

contract management

Uniform Contracts that Complies to Regulations

Contract standardization ensures uniform contracts for each customer, with an individual specification per airport. The contract can contain sales or purchase of services, and specify check types and services as the case may be.

PDC CMC can handle multiple contract categories. PDC CMC has built-in support for but is not limited to:

  • IATA SGHA Annex B Contracts, both Technical, Station, Ramp and Cargo handling.
  • IATA AHM 810 standard
  • IATP FORM-55 standard

In addition, users can define their own contract categories.

contract management and control