Flight Information Display System - FIDS

PDC FIDS is a Flight Information Display System for small and medium sized airports. It is available as an on-premise installation, as a cloud service and supports multi airport operation.

The PDC FIDS package contains many use full features like a flight generator, a stand allocation package, gate assignment, check-in handling, baggage handling features etc. All these features are configurable through administration programs.

The package has the possibility to handle automatic flight status messages from SITA or other message suppliers. The airport may be operated automatically without operator interventions.

The airport may at any time, be operated manually through the PDC FIDS program.

If you combine PDC FIDS with a standard economy system, it is possible to operate the complete airport without investing in a separate AODB system. If you already have an AODB system, the PDC FIDS system will easily integrate into it.

Airport operational database

Resource allocation

The allocation of resources like Stand, Gate and Belt may be done automatically, in advance on a weekly base from a predefined schedule. The automatically generated resource schedules may then be manually changed afterwards.

Check-in counter assignment

In the check-in application the information is planned independently from the individual flights, but they may be linked, in order for let flight information be shown at the checkin counters.

Airport operational database