Resource Management for Airport Ground Handlers

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PDC RMS is a solution for managing staff and equipment within the ground handling processes. PDC RMS includes facilities to handle both staff rosters and day-of-operation dispatch. This is performed in combination with other external systems within the airport. Solutions can be tailored individually and acquired as an all-in-one seamless system.

Supports the Entire Work Process

PDC RMS provides you with excellent decision support facilities to accommodate the entire process of planning employees and mobile resources:

  • Staff and Equipment Planning is based on traffic information and SLAs. The demand is matched with labor agreements, skills, etc.
  • Long-term Staff Balancing - Based on operational needs, vacation, training, etc.
  • Traffic schedules, MVT, LDM, passenger volumes, etc.
  • Staff Adjustments - Roster, vacancy and absence adjustments, etc.
  • Day of Operation - Last minute adjustments due to traffic changes, sickness, etc.
  • Follow-up - Audits, KPIs, business intelligence, budgets, etc.
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Alerts and Overview Improves On-time Performance

The use of actual traffic updates enables PDC RMS to automatically keep track of on-time performance of all planned tasks. This ensures that tasks are finalized on-time, thereby reducing the risk of flights delays.

Employees’ Involvement in Planning Contributes to Profit

When making rosters with PDC RMS, employees are able to submit requests online via fixed and mobile devices for specific shifts or time off. These requests are instantly visible to the planner and can therefore easily be considered during planning. This increases the sense of responsibility and job satisfaction which may result e.g. in reduced absence due to sickness and reduced employee turnover.

Control with Payroll Expenses

The planner can reduce labor costs by balancing manning demand on the long term. This reduces the need for short term solutions, thus avoiding costly overtime payment and overstaffing. The system continuously calculates the roster impact on payroll and compares this with budgets.

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