Ground Handling Contract Management for Airlines

PDC Contracts is a contract and invoice management solution for airlines. The aim for PDC Contracts is to ease the lifecycle of contract management from RFP’s, contract (re)negotiations, follow-up on invoices related to a contract, and budget forecasting.

Made with Airlines in Mind

PDC Contracts has been developed in close collaboration with Aegean Airlines with valuable input from several other small to-midsized airlines.
Based on interviews with key persons at the participating airlines, we found evidence that up to 10% of invoices for ground handling services contain mistakes, and that airlines could save up to 5% of their yearly ground handling budget, if they checked their invoices thoroughly. We also found that many airlines only do spot checking, because it is time consuming and difficult. PDC Contracts makes this process much simpler and mostly automatic.

The system provides the same support and automation for checking airport charges and other contract types.

Dashboards with flight performance