Airline Solutions

Planning, Execution and Following

As a result of PDC's 20 plus years of close cooperation with airlines we have gained substantial expertise in the complexities of the Airline business. Our solutions support the work flow from long term planning to day-of-operation - whilst complying with all the complex legislation and dynamics that characterize the Airline business.

PDC Airline Suite offers an integrated and cost-effective software solution for Commercial Planning, Operations Control and Crew Management. We deliver specially designed solutions requested by airline operators and the suite is offered both on-site and hosted to ensure fast implementation and high customer satisfaction.

cockpit crew assignment

Clients Say

airline crew management  I particularly appreciate PDC's support and skilled staff as well as the responsiveness they have to suggestions from customers. When I have a problem or a query, then I easily and quickly get in contact with PDC's supporters or developers. They take all feedback seriously and act on the inquiries. I see that in the program development - and there is much development all the time.

Kenneth Norling, Operations Controller at NextJet