Airline Flight Operations Control

Flight Operations Management

PDC's flight operations control system includes a Gantt display and overall functionality have been designed with focus on efficient flight operations management, traffic monitoring and disruption handling.

The traffic flow is updated automatically as MVT, LDM and other telexes are received. A wide range of flight statistics reports are available as well as modules for weather control, EuroControl NMOC message processing, light users, maintenance handling, airport slot management, decision support and custom reporting.

Tailored Flight OPERATION System

Fleet optimization, weather and user programmed disruption alerting, airport hours and curfew checks as well as maintenance considerations may all be tailored to provide the airline user with a sophisticated and individualized flight management  system and flight operations manual.

Additionally, the flight control system offers easy to use graphics and both external and internal communication possibilities, allow dispatch / operations staff to concentrate on unpredictable variations, while the PDC flight operation systems deal with the routine procedures.

flight ops control

NMOC / Flow Module

Individual airlines operating in European airspace are required to file their intended flight plans to EuroControl’s IFPS database system. The NMOC system subsequently monitors the planned flow of aircraft over Europe, checking for congestion, weather issues, etc. As a result of this, the NMOC system may in some cases need to regulate certain flights by sending a new ATC slot time (also called a CTOT = Calculated TakeOff Time) to the airline via a slot message (e.g. SAM or SRM). To avoid delays, the airline may in turn try to re-negotiate a better slot time using a number of other slot messages, and/or re-route the flight by making and filing a new flight plan. The FlightOps Flow module basically performs the real-time negotiations with EuroControl for regulated flights (typically starting a few hours before departure).

airline flight operations control

I value PDC's proximity to their customers which is also demonstrated during the annual user group meetings. Every year we are invited to meet with PDC and colleagues from other airlines. Being updated on the latest program news and PDC’s plans for the future has great value - but it is also beneficial to meet and discuss with colleagues.

Kenneth Norling, Operations Controller at NextJet