Airline Slot Management

PDC SlotManagement

Ability to automate and control slot coordination for airlines

The PDC SlotManagement solution assists airlines to automate and control the increasing complexity of slot management. As traffic congestion becomes an increasing issue, more and more airports introduce slot coordination to manage operations. This also reflects on airlines who need to comply with increasing slot regulations without compromising operational flexibility and agility.

PDC SlotManagement offers airlines an easy, simple, automated and cost-effective solution which automates the slot coordination and provides schedulers with a clear overview of the slot situation.

Typically, the PDC SlotManagement system is used for:

  • Optimizing schedules by identifying unused slots, inconsistencies between time table and slot pool, etc.
  • Managing ad-hoc changes such as changes to flight type, last minute cancellations of flights, etc

The solution works as a simple add-on which can be integrated into the airlines´ existing scheduling and operations solutions. The solution may typically be implemented in less than one month and requires minimal training and support.

Airline slot handling