Flight Operations Planning in Business Jets

The solution is a first-class suite of applications for scheduling and managing of flights, documents, crew, handlers, etc. This provides sales personnel, flight and crew planners with a unique tool for handling different kinds of contracts, negotiated price, customer information and other related information.

Maximum Utilization of the Fleet

PDC FlightOps is the module used to plan and control the fleet utilization. It optimizes the operations and controls the business by providing timely alerts of any possible disruption and includes the tools needed to avoid or minimize delays. PDC Crew streamlines the entire process of managing the cockpit and cabin crew assignment - ensuring that the right crew with the right qualifications is in the right place at the right time. Both PDC FlightOps and PDC Crew assure that the schedules do not conflict with various kinds of constraints and that it complies with laws and regulations.

All-in-One System Increases Profit Margin

PDC FlightCharter is a fully integrated solution where all modules are working with the same data - from presales quotations to after flight calculations. This high quality data along with automation provide significant time saving and reduces the effect of human error, whilst eliminating the duplication of work and manual intervention when there are changes required in the assignment of flights.

Flight planning for business jets

Cost Efficient Acquisition

PDC FlightCharter is the optimal solution for those who operate in the fast paced operational environment but also for those with financial responsibility. PDC FlightCharter is fast and easy to implement and includes a rich set of flexible tools. Many modifications can be made by the customer.

As regards the economic aspects, PDC FlightCharter offers numerous reports and statements which give a financial overview of your business

business jet operators

We have chosen the PDC FlightCharter solution to support our business processes. Data are only created once and available when needed. It has also been important for us to find a software supplier with leading aviation software competence, so we can continue our strive to be professional and competitive in the future.

Henning T├Žstesen, Air Alsie