Flight Crew Scheduling

Airline Crew Scheduling Software and More

PDC FlightCrew is an integrated part of the PDC Airline Suite together with the PDC FlightTime and PDC FlightOps systems – all sharing the same database – and includes modules for crew member access, automatic rostering, pairing simulation and custom reporting.

PDC's flight crew scheduling software streamlines the entire process of managing the cockpit and cabin crew assignments. The solution covers support for manpower planning, pairing creation, roster construction and control and crew tracking and manages crew records. The crew schedulers are ensured that the right crew with the right qualifications is in the right place at the right time. PDC FlightCrew assures that the schedules do not conflict with various kinds of constraints, and that they comply with laws and regulations.

Crew preferences and requests are handled and taken into consideration before publishing the schedules. The integration with PDC FlightTime enables the scheduler to simulate different future scenarios. PDC FlightCrew handles different combinations of rule sets such as EASA and other FTL's with different variations and keeps track of all factors related to crew. Cosmic radiation monitoring can be integrated with systems providing real-time data, and per diem and payroll applicable data are handled as well and can be exported to third-party payroll systems.

airline flight crew scheduling

Publication of Crew Schedules

PDC FlightCrew has user definable roster construction and crew control periods allowing the airlines to set up and work with the system and publish to crew members exactly as they want to. By defining different scheduling groups or patterns, it is also possible to publish rosters individually to different crew categories. Detailed ‘Pending Crew Notifications’ showing the roster both ‘before’ and ‘after’ a roster change along with a history of attempts of notifications and the results thereof is part of the system.

Flight Crew Schedules Control and Tracking

Getting rapidly back on track after disruptions ensuring on-time performance is of utmost importance. PDC's flight crew scheduling software minimizes the disruption, while maintaining crew member stability by providing recovery options.

Integration with PDC FlightOps ensures real time data enabling the alarm monitor to immediately warn about violations and constraints. The monitor and alert system reacts on every movement or change in the system to ensure no fatigue or violation of civil aviation rules. SMS can inform about changes to rosters. This will reduce the workload heavily in executing the traffic.

Various accounts can be set up to track and count e.g. vacation and compensation days. The qualifications part gives the ability to prevent ‘Newly Qualified’ crew members flying together. Both qualifications, positions and ranks are user definable and are automatically updated with e.g. expiry details after user defined training events.

airline crew scheduling