Flight Planning Software

Flight Planning Tool

PDC FlightTime is the commercial schedules planning application and is built around a basic customizable kernel with the ability to turn on and off modules for airport slot management, custom reporting and maintenance handling dependent on the needs of the customer.

PDC's flight planning tool creates the seasonal program, and once the operational schedule is confirmed, all schedules notification messages required by internal and external stakeholders are generated.

PDC FlightTime supports the assignment process combining flights and maintenance into full tail rotations.

Requests and responses to and from airport coordinators are handled and all slot information is maintained automatically using the flight planning tool.

The focus is on optimizing the fleet, keeping track of activities and easy checking for extra capacity to increase business, which is supported by the Gantt display and the various functions in the application.

Flight Planning Software including Slot Management

Slot management is an integrated part of the schedules creation process. The 'Slot Management' module in the flight planning software offers airlines an easy, simple, automated and cost-effective solution, which automates the slot coordination and provides schedulers with a clear overview of the slot situation. Formatting and distribution of slot change requests as well as processing of responses from the airport coordinators is done automatically. The module includes validation of the SHL against the airline’s own records, and the user is notified whenever a change request is required and coordinator responses require action.

flight planning software

It is my experience that the consultants and supporters of PDC react responsibly and with dedication to our inquiries. The entire implementation process was extremely positive and our planners and schedulars adopted the PDC Aviation Suite very promptly and we are satisfied with the features that are provided in the systems

Anders Johansson, Skyways IT