Case Stories

Atlantic Airways

"Seven months ago, we decided to switch ops system and supplier. Today, we are operating with PDC Aviation Suite and all implementation plans are kept 100%, " says Palma Kajsdóttir, operations manager in Atlantic Airways.

Atlantic Airways is a smaller carrier in the Faroe Islands, which operates scheduled flights with both fixed-wings and helicopter. The company has developed and expanded its activities since foundation in the 1980s.

Their greatest activity is during the summer and therefore they determined that a new ops system should be operational in early May. "We initiated a dialogue with PDC Aviation about a year ago", explains Palma Kajsdóttir "but it is only six months since we went in concrete discussion about the system and setting up the PDC FlightTime, FlightOps and FlightCrew. In this process, we have been extremely pleased with the responsiveness and commitment we are greeted by the PDC Aviation. All process and all dialogue has certainly fulfilled our expectations - so much that we made a plan to be "live" with all systems May 5, 2015 at 3 p.m." says Palma

This plan kept 100% - punctual.

For three weeks in April and May, 2 consultants from PDC Aviation were in the Faroe Islands to complete implementation and training in PDC Aviation Suite. Supported by the development department from the head office the last modifications were performed and Atlantic Airways was "live" on May 5 at 3 p.m.

"PDC Aviation Suite is a good system and we are very happy about it - including the special adjustments we had made in relation to our particular business." Says Palma Kajsdöttir. "The support, training and attention to our business exceeds what we have experienced from any IT suppliers."

"We can definitely recommend colleagues in other airlines to look towards PDC Aviation if they should want to switch ops systems," concludes Palma Kajsdóttir.

PDC FlightTime for flight management

Slot management in airports

Neos, Italy

By Raffaella Faccin, Sales Planning Manager in Neos & Eugenio Brusa IT Manager of Neos

"I felt my heart sink when I was contacted by my CEO saying "We are going to start managing our own slots!". By that time Neos had a great ops planning system. It had been created for Neos in accordance to our specific requests but no part of the system was dedicated to slot management. So how were we supposed to fulfill that request? We needed a system or a module that was able to connect with Neos’ existing system and at the same time manage our activities. We found that a great challenge to solve but looking for a solution we came across PDC-Aviation. PDC-Aviation had many years of experience with slot coordination and management so we contacted them immediately. With PDC-SlotManagement we were offered a solution which showed to meet all our necessities. Today, we are happy with the quality of PDC-SlotManagement – not to mention working together with PDC-Aviation who is very responsive and efficient when we require support from their staff."