Case Stories

Atlantic Airways

"Seven months ago, we decided to switch ops system and supplier. Today, we are operating with PDC Aviation Suite and all implementation plans are kept 100%, " says Palma Kajsdóttir, operations manager in Atlantic Airways.

Atlantic Airways is a smaller carrier in the Faroe Islands, which operates scheduled flights with both fixed-wings and helicopter. The company has developed and expanded its activities since foundation in the 1980s.

Their greatest activity is during the summer and therefore they determined that a new ops system should be operational in early May. "We initiated a dialogue with PDC Aviation about a year ago", explains Palma Kajsdóttir "but it is only six months since we went in concrete discussion about the system and setting up the PDC FlightTime, FlightOps and FlightCrew. In this process, we have been extremely pleased with the responsiveness and commitment we are greeted by the PDC Aviation. All process and all dialogue has certainly fulfilled our expectations - so much that we made a plan to be "live" with all systems May 5, 2015 at 3 p.m." says Palma

This plan kept 100% - punctual.

For three weeks in April and May, 2 consultants from PDC Aviation were in the Faroe Islands to complete implementation and training in PDC Aviation Suite. Supported by the development department from the head office the last modifications were performed and Atlantic Airways was "live" on May 5 at 3 p.m.

"PDC Aviation Suite is a good system and we are very happy about it - including the special adjustments we had made in relation to our particular business." Says Palma Kajsdöttir. "The support, training and attention to our business exceeds what we have experienced from any IT suppliers."

"We can definitely recommend colleagues in other airlines to look towards PDC Aviation if they should want to switch ops systems," concludes Palma Kajsdóttir.

Airline schedules planning with PDC Airline Suite

NextJet, Sweden

"NextJet is growing rapidly so we experience a need for an integrated system support for planning our fleet and crew. After a complete search we have chosen PDC Airline Suite."

"Some of the reasons in favour of PDC is the fact that their system uses just one database, it's got a simple system overview and structure, a short implementation time and a very competitive price. With PDC Airline Suite. from PDC, we have found a solution to support NextJets safety and on-time performance requirements."

"After contract signature, it took less than 40 days until the applications came into use at our facilities, including installation, training etc. During our training courses we were very pleased with the nice facilities and environment at PDC as well as the ongoing support given by PDC. PDC has treated NextJet very seriously as a client."

“I have worked for two years with PDC Aviation Suite in NextJet – and earlier also in another airline," says Kenneth Norling. “I am very satisfied with the functionality and the features that are included."

“I particularly appreciate PDC's support and skilled staff as well as the responsiveness they have to suggestions from customers. When I have a problem or a query, then I easily and quickly get in contact with PDC's supporters or developers. They take all feedback seriously and act on the inquiries. I see that in the program development - and there is much development all the time."

“I value PDC's proximity to their customers which is also demonstrated during the annual user group meetings. Every year we are invited to meet with PDC and colleagues from other airlines. Being updated on the latest program news and PDC’s plans for the future has great value - but it is also beneficial to meet and discuss with colleagues. The user group meetings always offer a two-way communication between PDC and customers which often leads to good and productive discussions. Indeed, they are appreciated."
Says Kenneth Norling, Operations Controller at Next Jet

NextJet is a Swedish airline established in 2001 by five newly graduated pilots. Today, NextJet operates 18 aircrafts and in average they schedule 90 flights and 175 crew members every day.

Airline planning

Slot Coordination Switzerland

By Erich Rindlisbacher, managing director of Slot Coordination Switzerland

"We use SCORE since 1991. For this long period we appreciate the stability of the system as well as the innovation projects and the developing of the software according needs of the growing number of clients and the industry requirements. At the beginning of 2007 Slot Coordination Switzerland introduced Online Coordination."

Airport slot management in Switzerland

Moroccan Slots Coordinator

By Saâd Azzioui Head Coordinator

Moroccan Slots Coordinator was created beginning September 2013 following the government's decision to designate Casablanca and Rabat Airports Level 3 coordinated airport starting from 1st September 2013. After study of the IT solutions regarding airport coordination, we made the decision to use SCORE system.

Our choice has been driven by several factors.First, this system responded to our operational need, it integrates all the airports constraints and it also meets all regulatory requirements and IATA standards. SCORE is a also widely used by airport coordinators which proves its efficiency and technical performance. This strong global presence also means continuous enrichment of the system through capitalization on the experiences of the users.

Thanks to the support of PDC Team (sales, technical, training, support) we have been able to implement the system in a very short time and meet the IATA activity calendar.

Slot coordination in Morocco