Electronic FlightBag

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PDC FlightBag

PDC FlightBag is a portable component of the PDC Airline Suite that enables airline operations department and pilots to be updated with the most recent operational data.

With PDC FlightBag, paperless flight communication is introduced between the airline operations department and the pilots in the cockpit. No longer will you have to fiddle with many pieces of paper during and after your flight. PDC FlightBag brings cost and time efficiency with the most recent and accurate data to the airline flight operations center for monitoring and managing the flight.

Paperless Communication

The benefit for the airline is that the operations department has instant access to flight information such as movement times, fuel figures, pax and weight information, flight notes, and debriefing data entered by the pilots. The immediate benefit for the pilot is that he avoids cumbersome paperwork and the entire documentation procedure is streamlined and allows him to manage the operation more efficiently. Therefore, the pilot’s workload will be reduced.

Improved Data Quality

The elimination of mistyping or double entries of forms is the immediate benefit. Secondly, the reduction of manual operations provides higher data quality. Data loss will be prevented by the usage of PDC FlightBag. Thus, increased data security and usability is assured by reduced paperwork.

PDC FlightBag is also beneficial for instant access to the most up to date information which will improve productivity. Furthermore, through various validations and calculations, data consistency is provided which means a better flight execution for operational tasks. Improved data quality also comes with reduced fuel and maintenance costs by using accurate take-off and landing calculations.

Airline flightbag

Mobile Device Support

PDC FlightBag mobile device support allows pilots to use smartphones and tablets such as Android, iOS(iPhone, iPad) or other devices. Typically, pilots use PDC FlightBag on a mobile device or pc and synchronize the data with PDC FlightOps system.

Via a mobile device, the pilots can view the flights that they are assigned to, as well as update them with the operational information. In the case of a flight diversion and return to ramp, it is possible to create a new leg in PDC FlightBag and input the data for the movements, load messages, fuel figures, notes etc.

Moreover, PDC FlightBag is also integrated with the PDC FlightCrew system to allow the pilots to enter the information with regards to approach type, pilots flying with regard to take-off and landing. In addition, pilots can also view the crew duty info including check-in/out times, position, night duty, split duty and update in flight rest and control times.

Improved Debriefing

Debriefing entry is also included in PDC FlightBag. The pilots can select the debriefing type info such as Flight Delays, Flight Planning, Maintenance, Flight Safety and Ground Handling and enter the debriefing info.

Enhanced Situational Awareness

With fast and accurate information, Operations are able to grasp the actual situation and promptly address necessary changes. It becomes evident when real faults occur and when to take action - as opposed to missing data that indicates the problems. It is vital that the issues are addressed rapidly. PDC FlightBag helps to improve situational awareness and reduces hours of flight operational tasks.

It is easy and flexible for the pilot to deliver his flight data such as actual take-off/landing times, delay info, fuel, load, weight, notes etc. Since data can be delivered continuously when the pilot is online, Ops will typically receive it much faster than if they have to wait for the paper. Subsequently, effective communication between pilots and the airline’s operation department will enhance operations.

For business jets this may mean that the final invoice may be generated much earlier than before.

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