Convert Data into Knowledge

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PDC FlightBoard

Plans and schedules made with PDC FlightTime or FlightOps, often contain huge amounts of information and the objective is to convert this information into insight. With PDC Flightboard you can navigate the complex data and with a few mouse clicks create clear presentations of information. Thus, it is quick and easy to analyze the data stored in your PDC application.

Visualize Your Data Your Way

PDC's generic dashboard soltion provides a flexible and highly configurable solution for a graphical charting frontend to the data in PDC Airline Suite.

By selecting, grouping and aggregation together with sorting, formatting, interval definitions, etc., a super-user can easily select data and create visual appealing charts. The dashboard includes a wealth of charting facilities with a large number of options allowing the super-user to create nice charts for the end-user to easily understand the underlying data. The PDC FlightBoard includes predefined charts for on-time performance, aircraft utilization, understaffing, sickness, etc.

Dashboards with flight performance