Airline Custom Reporting

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To meet the individual airline's demands for reporting and analysis of their business, the 'custom report' module is included into the PDC Airline Suite. The purpose is to give the users full control of their own customized reports fitted exactly to their needs, bypassing the development process, thus saving both time and money. Custom reporting allows the user to access the “raw" data and set up own reports using various grouping, sorting and filtering options.

As an integrated part of the PDC Airline Suite, the report module can be accessed from either of the applications PDC FlightOps, PDC FlightTime and PDC FlightCrew.

There are two types of users of the report module; the creator and the end-user. Special skills / training / support by PDC are required in order to be able to create new reports from scratch, but for the end-user part, it is a straightforward process to generate the final reports.

Reporting airline systems