Service Provider Contract Management

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PDC CMC is a system that supports the establishment and administration process of the IATA Standard Ground Handling Agreement for airlines, MRO’s or ground service providers.

Both airlines and service providers handle many contracts, often with specified annexes for each airport. This means that hundreds of contract pages need to be administered and updated frequently - often for every new season depending on frequency and/or aircraft changes. It may be difficult to ensure that staff in each airport has access to the correct version of the current contract specifications.

It is important to have an effective tool to make and to maintain contracts, as well as to provide an overview of contract status, time for renewal, etc. At the same time, management requires an overview of the financial aspects for each customer and site, to ensure sufficient resources and to make assessments for the budgeting of income and costs.

All this is accomplished with PDC CMC, which is now available in line with the new 2013 standards as well as for 2008 version.

Airline and airport contract management