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PDC’s software solutions are made to handle the complexities of dynamic work environments to help you achieve better business results.

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PDC's aviation solutions have a proven track record for handling the complexities of scheduling in dynamic work environments

Airlines and airports are closely connected and exist only by virtue of each other. From an IT point of view, both parties are completely dependent on sharing traffic information, which is crucial for the cooperation to work.

In this chain of IT systems, PDC is involved in several ways:

  1. From the very beginning, airlines and airports (or official authorities) together plan the coming season’s traffic programs. Coordination between airport resources (runway, stands, gates, parking) and airlines’ requests for flights takes place in 46 countries using PDC SCORE.
  2. PDC Airport Suite includes a backbone AODB that integrates seemlessly to FIDS, PAS, Billing, Stand & Gate management systems.
  3. All the ground handling tasks and preparations immediately before and after the flights can be planned using PDC Plan in order to ensure on-time flights.
  4. The flights also require a lot of planning by the airline using PDC Airline Suite for: Schedules Planning, Operations Control and Crew Management.


International airlines use PDC Airline Suite to planning


Airline accounts for self-service slot coordination


Countries use SCORE for airport slot coordination


Airports worldwide offer online slot coordination with OCS

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