About PDC

PDC delivers business critical IT solutions within resource planning and scheduling that provides our customers with competitive advantages. Our clients operate in dynamic and time constrained environments and we provide them with automation and intelligent decision support which enables them to optimize their business processes.

PDC has developed a unique AI technology that allows us to deploy rules and AI methods for optimizing and efficient decision support – such as Visual Prolog.

Thus, PDC's solutions are based on rule-driven technology and complemented with our customers' existing IT solutions and thereby offer high quality decision support. Companies of all sizes can increase profit, reduce costs and achieve the overview and insight needed to optimize their services and work.

PDC supports clients around the world and since the formation of the first staff scheduling system in the 1990s to the advanced airport slot coordination solutions PDC has gained great importance in the market for planning systems.

We are People with a Passion and Responsibility for our Clients

Working together with PDC you will experience that we are dedicated to attain an unmatched level of expertise in your industry and to be customer-focused. We make products that enable you to make the most of your business and it is our goal to deliver solutions that make your breakthrough to optimum performance possible.

The people of PDC take corporate responsibility seriously and it is absolutely fundamental for us that companies that choose to work with us are confident of our competences, quality and delivery capability. We put great pride in the trust and loyalty we have gained from our clients and partners.

PDC has built long-standing collaborations with some of the leading suppliers within their respective markets. These alliances ensure that PDC will have the necessary reach and delivery capability to reach our customers within the segments we want to focus on.

Spin-off Companies

For many years, PDC has worked with various technologies and solutions, some of which from 2013 are separated into independent companies:
Dictus, who has an extensive experience in various speech technologies (speech recognition, speech synthesis, dialogue systems, telephone solutions mm.) Read more about leisure and business solutions on www.dictus.dk
ARGOS Ltd, which develops and markets decision support systems related to chemical and nuklare preparedness systems. Read more about the consortium members and their solutions www.pdc-argos.com

Advanced planning and scheduling solutions



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