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Our Industry Solutions are made to handle the complexities of dynamic work environments to help you achieve better business results and happy employees.

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PDC's offering comprises three core elements:
Software, Services and Implementation & Operation

PDC’s clients operate in work environments where circumstances often change. Usually inevitable, unpredictable, real-time events cause a change in their scheduled plans, and a previously feasible schedule may turn infeasible.

To deal with this, we use knowledge-based technology that focuses on capturing the expertise or the experience of the expert in a specific domain and we use our inference mechanism to derive conclusions or recommendations regarding the corrective action to undertake.

PDC's experienced Consulting Team can help define and align your Planning Strategy.

We can deliver the right skills and expertise, save you time and money and make complex projects attainable. We will be happy to participate in preliminary studies and analysis of your planning processes in order to optimise and transform your business to become more competitive in the marketplace.

Solution Lifecycle Support

Your company’s IT can make the difference whether your processes run efficiently or with difficulty. So, finding an effective IT partner is paramount. We back up our services with multi-year expertise, and it shows at every project stage.

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