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We value your privacy. Learn more about how we use data in CrewConnex.

Privacy Policy

Last update: March 07, 2023 (version 1.1)

PDC CrewConnex is an app for viewing your roster, check-in to your duty, swap duties with colleagues, and communicating with your Planners, Operations, and colleagues.
PDC CrewConnex is used by employees in an airline that use PDC FlightCrew for Crew Management. This airline is the data controller of data stored in and processed by PDC CrewConnex. The airline defines the data privacy policy for its use of these data. Please consult the airline for their data privacy policy if required.

In such cases where the airline has contracted PDC to host PDC FlightCrew, PDC will perform data processing according to its data processing agreement with the airline under their instruction.
PDC CrewConnex can be installed even if you are not associated with an airline using PDC FlightCrew. In this case you will only be able to view the initial dialog.
This privacy policy may be updated from time to time, and if changed you will be requested to accept the new policy before use.

The main purpose of PDC CrewConnex is not to collect personal data, but to give you access to the data available in the PDC FlightCrew database of the airline. However, when you log on you must enter the user id and password. Furthermore, personal data being chat messages, swap details, and device id are stored in the PDC FlightCrew database used by the airline.
The personal data you can access via PDC CrewConnex from PDC FlightCrew includes names, e-mail address, phone numbers etc.

PDC CrewConnex does not use cookies.

PDC A/S works to ensure that data communicated between PDC CrewConnex and your employer’s servers are as safe and secure as possible by using authentication and encrypted data transmission.

Your username, airline code and roster information may be stored in-app on your device. The roster information is stored in-app to allow off-line access.

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