PDC has built long-lasting collaborations with a great number of international airlines, airports and coordinating authorities. These alliances ensure that PDC has the necessary reach and delivery capability to reach all our customers within the segments we put focus on.

Aviation References

PDC's airline and airport solutions are used at 15 airports and 30 airlines located in 30 countries.

PDC makes planning and scheduling to airlines and airports

PDC StaffPlan / RMS Solutions

PDC's solutions for workforce and resource management are in use in a great number of business araeas and countries.

PDC StaffPlan is used in many lines of business

Clients Say

resource planning and optimization  I particularly appreciate PDC's support and skilled staff as well as the responsiveness they have to suggestions from customers. When I have a problem or a query, then I easily and quickly get in contact with PDC's supporters or developers. They take all feedback seriously and act on the inquiries. I see that in the program development - and there is much development all the time.

Kenneth Norling, Operations Controller at NextJet