PDC StaffPlan in Short

Intelligent Cost-Effective Workforce Planning and Resource Management

PDC StaffPlan is an easy-to-use tool to make cost-effective work and shift plans. PDC StaffPlan provides indispensable overview and support for planners who need to assign personnel to different shifts and jobs. It fully meets the challenge of changing work times, different and variable types of work, complicated work time rules and agreements, and ensures that personnel get the right compensation.


PDC StaffPlan makes sure that you have personnel with the right qualifications in the right place at work when you need them, and calculates the personnel costs of a given plan. It also analyses past performance, so you know exactly where, when, and why money has been spent.

Integrated, Scalable Enterprise Solution

PDC StaffPlan is a scalable enterprise solution that addresses medium and large sized organisations and enterprises with dedicated planning functions, as well as Human Resource and IT departments. It streamlines the entire process of planning, communication of work plans, time registration and payroll reporting and integrates with any HR and Payroll system.

Strong and Unique Online Calculation and Recalculation

PDC StaffPlan supports many different rules, agreements and planning methods, also inside the same company. The counter-based calculation module in the heart of PDC StaffPlan is unique and helps you stay ahead and save lots of time. It instantly counts whatever has to be counted. Edit a shift and you immediately see the impact on the department’s total labour costs and what additions it generates for the employee. Create a new agreement for a group of employees and it instantly recalculates the correct salary for them – also with retroactive effect!

Effective Communication of Plans

PDC StaffPlan also allows easy and effective communication with employees about work plans, holiday and time-off-in-lieu accounts, etc. Plans and accounts are distributed on the web or mobile phone so that everyone always has the updated plan and exact accounts by the hand. It also allows employees to communicate their future work time preferences to the planner.

Since 1985

PDC StaffPlan is a proven solution used by a number of national and international organisations and enterprises for more than 20 years in the following industries:

  • Retail chains
  • Hospitals and health care organisations
  • Public institutions and municipalities
  • Airport administration and handling companies
  • Service enterprises
  • Manufacturing enterprises
  • Post & Transportation

Many Languages

PDC StaffPlan is available in English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Russia and is easily translated to other languages.

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Advantages of Cost-Effective Intelligent Staff Planning and Resource Management.


PDC has more than 25 years of experience implementing solutions for staff planning and resource management.


Advantages at enterprise level:

  • Reduced costs in relation to additional pay, allowances, overtime and time-off-in-lieu.
  • Considerable reduction in administrative costs due to effective lean procedures.
  • Effective cost control through precise shift and absence planning to meet flexible demands by avoiding under and over staffing as well as securing right qualifications available.


In addition to labor cost reductions, PDC StaffPlan supports:

  • Uniform planning and interpretation of rules and agreements for all employees independent of work place
  • Greater employee satisfaction and loyalty due to consistent and fair work plans taking employee preferences into consideration
  • Reduced absence due to sickness
  • Improved customer service  (and higher sales in some businesses) due to satisfied and qualified employees at the right time and place
  • Reduced number of union and labour court cases


Advantages for the staff planner:

  • Effective, robust and safe planning of shifts and teams
  • Effective handling of swopping, replacement and relieving
  • Improved overview of staffing, time usage, time-off-in-lieu, etc.
  • Reduction of administrative tasks
  • Easy web and mobile communication with employees about works plans, duty swopping, etc.


Advantages for the employee:

  • Greater influence on own work plans
  • Precise information about work plans
  • Precise real-time information about overtime, holiday, and time-off-in-lieu accounts
  • Precise information for salary calculation
  • Easy web and mobile communication with planner

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