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Advise before you change shift planning system

You know the challenge in shift planning: You have to allocate the right staff with the right skills for the right task and at the right time.

In addition, the ideal plan must stay within budget, cover staffing needs, comply with collective agreements – and not least ensure happy employees.

The challenge is not only to get the shift schedule to comply – because it usually succeeds in the end. But the path to the finished plan can often be wished a little easier and the quality of the plan could perhaps be better.

Good shift planning is a value-creating process.
Therefore, the advice reads as follows:

Konkurrenceudsæt vagtplanlægning1 Expose shift planning to competition

Choose shift planning system on an informed basis!
Make high demands on the shift plan solution and do not let the decision be controlled by the choice of other IT systems.

Tænkt langsigtet når du vælger vagtplanløsning2 Think long term

How often will you change the roster system? You probably don’t want to replace it, as long as it keeps up with the times and creates value. Therefore, choose a solution that is in continuous development and that can be adapted to your development now and in the future.

Opsig din nuværende vagtplanløsning i god tid3 Termination of current solution

Be aware of the notice period of your current roster system. There may be several months notice.

If you already know that you have outgrown your current roster system, don’t wait too long to terminate it. It costs time and money to be stuck in a system that no longer matches your needs.

Vær sikker på et godt udgangspunkt før valg af vagtplanløsning4 Starting point for shift schedules

Overall, you should consider which starting point you want for the shift schedule. Should the plans be based on the fact that the staff are employed on terms of delivering for a certain number of hours per week? The planning then typically takes place with templates or basic plans that ensure that agreements are fully utilized.

Alternatively, you can start from what needs to be “produced” and thus decide how much staff, skills and perhaps equipment are needed – not least if your world is characterized by changeability.

The degree of employee involvement can also come into play and therefore you are doing yourself a favor by choosing a shift planning system with several scheduling methods.

Forskellige typer af lønsystemer stiller krav til vagtplanløsningen5 The importance of payroll system for shift planning

There are generally two types of payroll systems that the roster system must integrate into:

  1. Clocking based pay systems: Here the pay system receives your time records and calculates your pay. The advanced payroll system handles rules and interpretations of the applicable collective agreements and calculates the correct salary from this.
  2. Counter-based payroll systems: Here the payroll system receives calculated values of shifts from an external source. In other words, the shifts must be interpreted and valued before they can be transferred to the payroll system. This interpretation can be done manually or with the help of a shift planning system.

If you choose a shift plan system that can handle both types of payroll system, you are free to change payroll suppliers in the future.

Skift af vagtplanløsning kræver stor videnoverførsel6 Be aware of the change

There is a lot of knowledge that must be added to your new system, e.g. current duty schedules, salary codes, calculation rules, etc. It is important that you are prepared for the fact that this is a shared personal responsibility together with your new supplier.

Therefore, consider e.g. which employee groups do you have – perhaps you need to include more in the new roster system? Find out what you are missing from your current supplier and what you need to bring from the current system.

It is also your responsibility to contact any third-party suppliers so that they are connected to your new system. The better preparation you have done, the easier the whole integration goes.

Implementering af vagtplanløsning kan tage flere måneder7 Implementation takes several months

Do not think that the implementation is over as soon as the roster system is handed over. Implementation takes time and can usually be divided into the following phases:

  • First, the system must be set up
  • Data and knowledge must be transferred to your new system
  • This is followed by an adaptation period,

As a company, you must get to know the system and its new processes. After this, continuous optimization of both processes in the system and in the organization takes place.

It is difficult to say how long an implementation typically takes, as it depends on several factors, including the size of the organization and the complexity of the planning.

Forbered hele organisationen ifm valg af ny vagtplanløsning8 Prepare the entire organization

Many people think that replacing a roster system only affects planners and possibly those who run payroll from the system.

That is completely wrong. Changing systems is a change for everyone in the organization, which creates opportunities, but possibly also fear of the unknown.

Change management is a difficult task, and you can advantageously prepare everyone in the company to expect new processes and workflows. It may be a good idea to activate “ambassadors” in different parts of the organization who can help drive the change.

Plejer er død når det gælder din vagtplan9 Old habits are dead

Remember that there is a reason why you want to change the roster system. This is typically because something no longer works in relation to changed needs. It is therefore important to be open to changing the things you usually do.

Rethink your current processes and ask yourself, why am I doing this? Is it because I am subject to a collective agreement that sets some specific requirements, or am I just doing it because that is what I have always done?

With the new system, old habits are dead.

Priser er svære at sammenligne10 Prices are difficult to compare

When it comes to finding the right roster system, it is not enough to just look at the price.

There is a large amount of functions in common in the various shift schedule systems, but there are also large differences when you go into the details of the functions. It is therefore recommended to put shift planning systems out to competition before switching, in order to be informed about all the value-creating parts of shift planning.

Carsten Christoffersen, Marketing Manager,
Workforce Management

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