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Granting the staff influence on the roster gives many benefits to the employee and to the company

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Blog Article:
3 reasons for a staff-app

Article written by Carsten Christoffersen,
Marketing Manager at PDC.

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Today we send e-mails, shop, take photos, navigate, listen to music, order food, watch videos, read news, are on social media and much more – all with our phone.
Why not schedule our work? Swap shifts?

PDC MyPlan is the employee's entrance to submitting work preferences, swap shifts, etc.

PDC’s shift plan system includes an employee app, MyPlan, which makes the employee experience more personal and communication more efficient. This results in increased commitment and less administration.
Here are 3 good reasons why your company needs an employee app:

1. Availability

Why restrict access to shift plans, colleague overview, time off balances, time registration, etc. for the work computer during office hours?
Why limit communication to emails, yellow post-its and messages in the hallway?
Why not extend access to submit preferences for working hours, request shift changes, etc. around the clock?

As an employer, you can use MyPlan to communicate with your employees by means of push notifications, e-mails or portal messages and ensure that everyone receives updated information. You can offer shifts to specific staff members, groups or departments that employees can respond to immediately.

2. Security and control

If your company or your employees communicate with each other via Facebook, WhatsApp or other 3rd party solutions, you do not have full control over how data is processed.
With MyPlan, you can ensure that data is handled securely and confidentially. This applies in particular to sensitive information about people’s working hours, illness, salary, etc.

3. Overview own data

MyPlan is a suitable place for the individual employee to store their own data – be it shift plans, overview of work performed, accrued time off, sickness etc. These statements make it easier to see whether the pay slip is correct and comprehensive.
This provides a nice level of security for the employees, but at the same time it provides great administrative relief to avoid a lot of inquiries and associated case processing.


Janni Jespersen,
HR Manager

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