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5 myths about shift planning

Article written by Carsten Christoffersen,
Marketing Manager at PDC.

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Carsten Christoffersen


Debunking 5 shift planning myths we hear over and over again.

  1. It takes too much time
  2. It’s just a way to make schedules
  3. It can already be done with a spreadsheet
  4. It is difficult to implement and operate
  5. It’s not worth it

Read the article here and learn how PDC’s customers save time, save money and increase their productivity.


IT for shift planning is a new idea for some companies and, like anything new, it can be met with resistance, questions, uncertainty and an element of fear.

When it comes to shift planning, we at PDC have seen how planning has revolutionized the way companies work; save time, save money and increase their productivity.

One of the most exciting results a shift plan solution, regardless of the industry in which it is used, is a better experience for the staff members. This has a knock-on effect on customer or citizen satisfaction, which in turn is the biggest driving force for better business.

The benefits of a PDC Plan solution are significant. That’s why we want to dispel some of the myths about it.

Again and again we hear the following when there is resistance to investing in a shift plan solution…

It takes too much time

This could not be further from the truth. After the initial setup, companies using PDC Plan typically have 7 to 12 additional hours for their managers each week. This is essentially ‘free’ time and leads to a significant increase in productivity.
Time is gained by automating several routine administrative tasks and relieves shift planners. It can be, for example:

  • Quicker and easier to create shift plans
  • Fewer inquiries with questions about pay, shifts, time off, change of shifts, etc.
  • Great relief in terms of handling absences, finding a replacement, reporting, …

It’s just a way of making schedules

Yes, planning is a big part of shift planning, but alongside this, PDC Plan will also solve the headaches associated with time and attendance, working time rules, task management and communication with your employees. It gives you the freedom to control your workforce from anywhere, anytime, while making you more productive and efficient.
Involvement of your employees and flexibility in planning contributes to increased loyalty and satisfaction, which has a knock-on effect on sickness absence.

It can already be done with a spreadsheet

There are many things to love about a good spreadsheet but using it as a roster system is not one of them. Planning, updating, communicating and checking rules on a spreadsheet is more error-prone and takes up unnecessary time. Delete the spreadsheet and you will see an immediate impact on your business. Read blog article “Shift planning = Excel?

It is too difficult to implement and operate

Legacy systems may have been difficult to implement and maintain, but cloud-based scheduling systems are always up-to-date, accessible from anywhere, and super easy to use and maintain.
In large companies with 500+ employees, there will be some setup and adaptations according to work rules etc., and here it is important to cooperate with specialists like PDC, who have extensive experience from various industries.

It’s not worth it

Most businesses begin to see a return within the first 3-6 months of acquiring the PDC Plan. It improves productivity and efficiency. It saves costs while helping you generate more revenue. ROI is always healthy when it comes to workforce management.
We believe in putting the right people, with the right skills, in the right place at the right time. To us, this is what shift planning is. We help match skills to needs, improve customer satisfaction, lower costs, improve staff morale and reduce attrition. Read blog article “Why spend money on IT for shift planning?





Carsten Christoffersen, Marketing Manager,
Workforce Management

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