Airport Slot Coordination

PDC SCORE is the world leading solution for airport slot coordination and is currently being used by slot coordinators to manage more than 25% of the air traffic world-wide

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Get a leading slot coordination system

PDC is the leading provider of solutions for airport slot coordination and our products are currently being used by slot coordinators to manage  over 25% of the air traffic world-wide.

PDC SCORE has worldwide use for airport slot coordination

PDC SCORE is by far the most used airport slot coordination system in the world


With PDC SCORE, we provide a solution that empowers airports to respond to supply and demand changes, and to be able to guide the use of their airport slots towards the optimal capacity outcome.

Working together with PDC you will benefit from:

  • Practical experiences in operation since 1989
  • Active and dedicated use by coordinators in 50 countries facilitating 450+ airports
  • Full compatibility with the latest IATA SSIM Chapter 6 procedures and in adherence with WSG


PDC SCORE is successfully used at IATA scheduling conferences


Self-service Coordination for Airlines

Furthermore, PDC is committed to support the efficient corporation between airlines and airport slot coordinators. This includes the world-wide portal – – where coordinators around the world corporate to provide a common portal for airlines to easily source airport slots.

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