Airport Slot Coordination and Reporting

World leading airport coordination system – providing efficient capacity management in compliance with the IATA SSIM6 and WSG.

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Airport Slot Coordination

PDC SCORE is a long term airport capacity management system for airports. With PDC SCORE you benefit from software with over 30 years of continuous development, and the task of schedule administration can be performed more efficiently than ever and in adherence with the latest IATA standards.


PDC SCORE has worldwide use for airport slot coordination

PDC SCORE is the result of many years’ experience and
is used by coordinators in 50 countries


PDC SCORE includes a wealth of facilities that allow coordinators in both facilitated and coordinated airports to automate and manage their:

  • Runway capacity
  • Passenger flow limitations
  • Parking capacity
  • Gate capacity
  • Check-in capacity
  • Quota calculations
  • Slot monitoring

Hence, the system provides a higher quality of slot schedules and a better control of the airport load situation.

The productivity of capacity management can be enhanced, giving room for more focus on critical areas of the slot allocation. PDC SCORE benefits from the practical experiences of many years in operation at many airports world-wide. PDC SCORE is scalable to handle the smallest to the largest of airports.


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  • Validation checks lead to better schedule data
  • Provides the coordinator with the information to make informed decisions
  • Enhanced productivity and capacity management
  • Online coordination

SCORE Regional Directors, Silvia, Jan and Scott

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