Was S21 Slot submission time-consuming?

Blog Article:
Was S24 Slot submission time-consuming?

Article written by Lars Hvid Malmquist,
Sales Director at PDC.

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It is no surprise to airline route planners that the manual process of requesting and changing slots in the schedule is cumbersome and time-consuming. But the cumbersome process also makes it difficult to be slot compliant and increases the risk of losing valuable slots according to the 80/20 rule.

By automating most of the communication between the airline and the slot coordinator, the PDC Airline Slot Management system eliminates the time spent by route planners on requesting and changing slots. Additionally, the solution compares the timetable with the allocated slots and helps planners to get early warnings on scheduling problems.

The PDC FlightTime Gannt-chart shows your Slot inconsistencies. Icons quickly identify missing or mismatching slots, offers, pending replies etc. and SCR’s are generated in seconds. Not to forget the Initial Submission generator, matching SHL’s with your planned schedule or a simulation. Additionally, automated slot management is handled for your OCC.

Creating the seasonal program in PDC FlightTime from Season Copy or SSIM Imhttps://www.pdc.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/article-slotsubmission-screen-web-1.pngport, FlightTime assists with Slot handling – from SHL, Initial Submission, SAL to Slot Return process – and automatically sends all SCRs and receives offers within the same system.

Slot Submission from PDC AirlineSuite

Once the operational schedule is confirmed, FlightTime will then generate all the schedule notification messages (ASMs and SSMs) required by internal departments such as Reservations, Sales, Marketing, etc. and also external organisations such as OAG, ABC, Amadeus, Worldspan and more.

The solution continuously monitors the status of the allocated slots and warns planners if there is a risk of losing valuable slots according to the 80/20 rule. By assisting the airline to follow IATA standards, the slot management system eliminates the risk of fines or other sanctions from coordinators and airports.

In conclusion, you can save time on the time-consuming slot process and focus on what matters most; Creating the best possible schedule!

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Lars Hvid Malmquist,
Sales Director

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