How to Boost Productivity and Save Money Through Automating Ground Handling Cost Control.

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Automating Ground Handling Cost Control

Article written by Søren Ejsenhardt,
Sales Consultant, PDC

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The world has changed for many years ahead.

This is also the case for your Airline Ground Handling Business. You have been forced to cut costs and manpower but still be flexible in an unknown territory.

How do you manage this and still achieve full control of the daily tasks with minimum resources?

Have you stepped back – found new ways – redesigned your work processes?

How do you increase productivity?

How do you manage ground handling Invoices, extra charges, airport charges, landing fees based on MTOW, fuel charges, charges per pax, transferred pax charges, parking fees, overfly charges and all other surcharges and invoices?

I am sure that you know all the issues.
So how can you achieve efficiency and deal with today’s demand?

Automating your cost control with a powerful tool will boost your productivity and save money – even with less manpower !

See for yourself here, how Aegean Airlines have managed to do just that – by going from a manual process with spot checking to an automatic solution with 100% full control.

PDC GroundCost supports Airlines to gain these benefits by calculating the precise cost of a given flight schedule, making it simple to check that you only pay for the services you receive, and the rates agreed upon in the contract.

PDC GroundCost automatically reconciles invoices and make discrepancies visible.

Enabling cost saving by full control, less time and manpower.

Since the world has changed heavily, demand for PDC GroundCost has changed status from “nice-to-have” to “need-to-have”.


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