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Check your pay slip in PDC MyPlan

Article written by Carsten Christoffersen,
Marketing Manager at PDC.

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One in two – exactly 50 percent – ​​of wage earners in Denmark has experienced finding mistakes on the payslip. This is shown by a study from Epinion for the Main Organization of the Trade Unions (Oct. 2022). The survey also shows that very few people blindly trust the payslip. 3 out of 4 check their payslip every month or almost every month.

And the monthly payslip can be difficult to understand. Does the employee get the right allowances? Do the hours fit? Flexible hours? The holiday and time off statements?

If mistakes are overlooked, it can cost a lot of money or lost hours.

The errors can be both small and large, but the fact is that a number of errors occur where employees have not received the salary they are entitled to. In the vast majority of cases, it is due to mistakes that are easy to explain – and which the employer adjusts without much trouble.
But the errors must be discovered before they can be corrected, and that is precisely what the new “Balances” in PDC Plan / MyPlan contribute to.

Why must wage or hour errors be corrected?
It must be paramount for every employer to have the employees’ trust that pay and working conditions are accurate and correct. Anything else is harmful to the company’s reputation and attraction of labor. In addition, inquiries about errors require a disproportionate amount of administration and irritation.

For the employees, the desire for changing working hours and extra shifts is inextricably linked with the trust that all legitimate allowances, time off etc. are correct.


Benefit for the employees

“Balances” is PDC’s solution that enables employees to get an overview of their working hours and various statements. Balances must be set up for the individual company that uses PDC Plan, and then all relevant statements will be available in the employee app, MyPlan.

There is great convenience in that Balances is made available to the employee, who can more easily plan with the family, as the plan is easily accessible on a smartphone.

Greater safety and security
Balances are presented in an easy-to-understand manner for the employee, so it is possible to keep an eye on the hourly account. What is left of vacation and what is owed in hours. It makes it possible to act proactively on a potential over or under work situation.

For the employees, it provides security to have certainty about “how much work has been done?” and “what is planned and settled on the pay slip?”

Avoid “pocket accounts”
The employees have the opportunity to check daily in MyPlan whether various statements are correct and up to date. This avoids having to keep personal pocket accounts that must be checked at the end of the month.

Check at your convenience
All statements are easily accessible on the employee’s smartphone and can be checked at any time. Do you want to check today’s statements on the way home on the bus? Want to check at the end of the week?


Benefit for the planner

For the planner, there are large time savings as a result of far fewer inquiries and questions regarding salary and other statements. Typically, inquiries must be investigated and clarified in the triangle between the employee’s expectation, the shift planner and the HR payroll office.

The system does the work for the planner
Balances are calculated automatically in PDC Plan and can be presented in MyPlan with a status statement for the individual, which shows how much the employee has worked, overtime, time off, flex time, vacation etc.

It provides transparency in both accrual, settlement and status of the hourly account. The system also helps to “remember” when a holiday has taken place, and thus why the Balances look the way they do.


Benefit for the employer

Balances are for the employer who wants to give his employees security, trust and security for correct remuneration – especially when it can be difficult to see and understand the pay slip.

Balances provide uniformity in the statements, which are exempt from different methods and calculations in different departments. This reduces the administration and possibly frustration across departments in the subsequent pay statement.

The value lies concretely in less wasted time and less uncertainty among the staff, who speak into the working environment at the workplace.

In addition, there is an increased willingness among staff to take on extra work when there is confidence that everything is calculated accurately and correctly. Credibility, trust and a good reputation are important parameters for any company – not least when attracting new employees.


Carsten Christoffersen, Marketing Manager,
Workforce Management

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