Are you facing the reopening of your airport after Covid-19 with concern?

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5 Guidelines to Make Airport Operation Easier

Article written by PDC,
Head of Business Development, Airports.

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Perhaps, you are missing some of the usual staff that have been let go during the pandemic. Can you get them back? Are they occupied elsewhere, or have they left the job market? How are you going to solve their tasks?

If you need to operate your airport with less people, you should introduce automation of data handling in your airport – not only will you minimise errors caused by manual inputs or duplicated records, but you also raise the quality of your data.

Here are 5 guidelines:

  1. Be sure you only enter flight data once into one central database – no matter if it is entered manually or automatically registered.
  2. Move the data entry job to your customers by providing the necessary webpages for data entry.
  3. Automatically collect as much data as possible by establishing electronic interfaces.
  4. Automate the collection of season plans and make them available on a web platform for your staff and cooperation partners like police, handling agent etc. for long and short term planning.
  5. Automate invoice generation.


At PDC we have a customer, who reallocated 6 staff by following these 5 guidelines. They implemented the PDC AirportSuite and implemented electronic interfaces to the Air traffic Control Tower, to the DCS system, to Movement messages, to Season plans and by generating and sending out invoices automatically.

In the above airport case we have followed the data registrations in the AODB for an aircraft coming into the airport, landed, off-loaded passengers, boarded again and departed and found that there were no manual data registrations on the flight. We have traced this using the build in audit log that records all changes to any field for a flight record.

Following these 5 guidelines might seem as a complex and expensive IT project. However, the PDC AirportSuite requires a minimum of changes and adaptions so it can be implemented within 3 months for higher capacity airports and down to four weeks for small ones.


In other words, the PDC AirportSuite is built to match the needs of small and mid-sized airports. 


Lars Hvid Malmquist,
Sales Director

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