Save time and increase efficiency in your airline scheduling

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Increase efficiency in airline scheduling

Article written by Lars Hvid Malmquist,
Sales Director at PDC.

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When you operate an airline scheduling and planning department, you are completely aware of the many parameters affecting your operation. And you know that these parameters require multiple data entering in the operations flow.

Imagine how much time you could save by eliminating manual and multiple data entries.

Not only is it time-consuming, but the constant data changes jeopardies compliance.

Your data may be located in different systems, causing a need for import/export between systems, which increases the risk of redundant data and non-compliance.

By centralising your information in one common database you save time, avoid redundancy, stay compliant, and optimise your resource utilisation.

With the PDC AirlineSuite you get an all-in-one IT solution for Commercial Scheduling, Operations Control and Crew Management, omitting these time-consuming tasks.

PDC Airline Suite

The system is a fully integrated solution using one common database, ensuring no need for multiple data entering, thus ensuring no redundant information within the systems. The common data are shared instantly between the applications.

No Redundant Information and Communication.

Since all applications share the same database, no risky or time-consuming redundant data exist. Updates in PDC FlightTime data immediately shows in PDC FlightOps and PDC FlightCrew, and vice versa. The close integration between the applications for planning and operations therefore removes the need for manual coordination between people and departments as full transparency is ensured all the time. The decisions will be reached quicker and be based on the same picture across departments.

Custom Report Module

With a common database shared between all applications, reports containing data from different areas can be created (e.g., an on-time report including information of cockpit crew on the flight).

The reports can be tailormade by the airline themselves to ensure that they reflect the output needed to support your business.


Airline operation planning and scheduling

Lars Hvid Malmquist,
Sales Director

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