MyPlan is a web-based portal enabling staff involvement in rostering

It can be accessed on pc’s, tablets and smartphones and works as the employee’s entrance to PDC Plan

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Employee Engagement in Rosters

Employees that feel appreciated are more engaged, and an engaged worker is a productive worker. It’s a self-sustaining cycle. Your Staff are the backbone of your organisation, and when you plan for your workforce, you’re planning for your whole business.

So, being in the market of IT for Workforce Management PDC has gained great expertise with involving Employees in parts of the Shift Planning process.


MyPlan is an employee app to StaffPlan


MyPlan is dedicated to engaging staff into planning


Improved Loyalty and Reduced Absence

It is our experience that being involved in the planning process, Employees feel that they are being heard and appreciated. Therefore, they will be more loyal to the schedules and shifts that they have influenced themselves. They become more positive in the workplace, complain less, and absence due to sickness will be reduced.

Through advanced but easy to use apps, PDC supports the processes of delivering shift preferences, swap of shifts and moreover, communication between Employees and Planners. It turns out to increase morale and productivity while creating a more desirable workplace.

Reduced Administration

The benefits for the Employees are self-evident, but the Planners also avoid some administration and save time not filling out absentee forms and dealing with other scheduling queries. Effective communication usually means fewer shift changes to approve and fewer misunderstandings of the Work Schedule.


74% reduction in Staff walk-ins and call-ins

Saint–Thomas Hospital in Canada

Key Wins

gained by Saint–Thomas Hospital in Canada

  • 74% reduction in Staff walk-ins and call-ins
  • Outgoing contact process reduced from 5.6 days per month to 1 hour
  • 70% of all shift swaps being managed Employee-Employee (with Planner approval)
  • With MyPlan, 54% of shifts were approved within 90 minutes – 94% within the same day
  • Giving Staff a greater sense of control over their own Rosters by transferring planning burden from Administrative to Floor-Staff (improving Employee satisfaction)

Thomas Aagard,
Head of Business Development

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