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FAQ about PDC Plan

Does PDC Plan operate with basic plan templates?

Yes, PDC Plan uses basic plan templates as one method out of several:

  1. Simple roll-out of template plans with shifts
  2. Rolling out template plans with shifts and activities
  3. Rolling out of shifts with reference to “demand”
  4. Manual preparation of production plan with orders, tasks and defined demand
  5. Automatic planning in three variants
  6. Self-planning – in whole or in part
  7. Project planning
  8. Dispatch

Feel free to contact PDC for a chat about which method is suitable for your company.


Can PDC Plan do automatic planning?

There are several different understandings of the concept of “automatic planning” – some simpler than others. Many systems roll out a plan according to a template. It is “automatic” but only to be considered as an advanced form of copy / paste as in an Excel spreadsheet. Other systems put the employees’ shift wishes into a plan according to a “first come, first served” principle. It is also “automatic” but not very advanced and not with very good results.

Imagine that you must prepare a shift schedule for 30 employees. 500 shifts are to be occupied within a month. Some employees are part-time, others full-time, and they all have different desires for when they want to work. The combination options in this scenario will be 3.34 * 10667.

Finding the most optimal solution in a myriad of combinations is what we at PDC associate with automatic shift planning. And that is exactly what PDC Plan helps our customers with!

So, the answer is “yes” we solve very complicated planning automatically.


Can PDC Plan schedule equipment, activities, and demand?

Yes, PDC Plan supports equipment planning and maintenance management. Equipment can be supplied with different setups and specifications in combination with tasks. This is to ensure that the exact equipment is always assigned a specific task that requires this piece of equipment.

PDC Plan plans the demand based on how many employees with a certain qualification are needed per 15 minutes. The demand is built up automatically and the shifts can be distributed automatically.

Thus, the planner can easily and always see if the number of planned staff meets the demand – even before the employees have been assigned specific tasks.


Which systems can PDC Plan integrate into?

PDC Plan integrates with a number of different systems, such as HR, salary, finance, time registration etc. PDC Plan integrates with many payroll systems both in Denmark and abroad. The system has built-in many standard formats and easily adapts to new payroll systems, formats and special requirements. In Denmark, PDC Plan integrates i.a. for payroll systems from SD and KMD.


Can PDC Plan ensure compliance with agreements and working rules?

One of PDC Plan’s most important tasks is to ensure that the planner is warned if he / she breaks working rules. PDC Plan handles hundreds of complex rules and agreements.


Can PDC Plan handle complicated rules for calculating salary?

Efficient handling of rules is PDC’s core competency, and we have not yet encountered calculation rules that have not been resolved.


Can PDC Plan present key figures and budgets?

PDC Plan makes it easy to communicate financial key figures, hourly budgets, salary budgets and the like to the individual departments. The figures are directly visible in the work schedule and thus contribute to increased cost awareness in the individual department in connection with the planning.


Can PDC Plan handle employee skills?

Work schedules in PDC Plan consider the employees’ skills. The system shows whether all important skills are represented in a given working schedule of the minute, hour, day or week. Employees with special skills can be applied for and PDC Plan can even warn the planner before the skills expire, so that training and retraining can be planned.


Do employees have access to plans on smartphones?

Good communication between company and employees is in many ways extremely important and valuable. That is why we have provided new and modern facilities that improve communication both ways. ‘MyPlan’ is a major asset in PDC Plan as the employees’ entrance to make wishes for working hours, exchange shifts with colleagues, for statements of work performed and much more. MyPlan can be accessed via the Internet and on smartphones.


Can employees swap shift with each other?

Yes, it is possible for colleagues to exchange shifts with each other via the MyPlan app, but all exchanges must be approved by a planner.


Can employees submit preferences for absences and duties?

It is well known that employees want a balance between their work and private life. They want flexibility and influence on their working hours and therefore PDC Plan provides employees with facilities to submit preferences for work and leisure  – and exchange shifts with each other.


Can the individual employee see statements of his work?

Yes, in MyPlan, all employees have an overview of work performed, earned vacation, held vacation, earned allowances etc.


How to find a replacement, for example in case of illness?

The planner can offer/publish shifts in MyPlan. In the offer, you can ask PDC Plan to check for breaches of collective agreement rules, required skills etc. You can offer to different staff groups, temps, etc. Likewise, employees can easily and quickly respond via MyPlan.


Can you change “agreements” retroactively?

Yes, all functions in PDC Plan are “date-controlled”. Among other things, it provides possibility to change agreement retroactively – eg if collective bargaining takes place but is valid for the past period.


Can one see costs on a shift schedule?

Yes. PDC Plan ensures that everyone receives the correct salary in accordance with agreements entered. The system calculates the allowances and benefits to which employees are entitled according to the agreement and transfers these calculations to the payroll system. All costs are visible in the PDC Plan.


Can you make time registration in PDC Plan?

Yes, PDC Plan can be used for time registration via various platforms. Time registration is important for any company and organization, so that correct salaries can be calculated, and you can see any. gaps in planning and the economy.


Can an employee have more jobs?

Yes, PDC Plan can handle employees who are employed at several locations or departments. This ensures that agreements are still complied with.


Can employees be planned across departments?

Yes, planners can use employees from other departments while the associated costs are settled to the right department.


Does PDC Plan comply with GDPR rules?

Yes, PDC Plan fundamentally supports (by design) the needs of the GDPR. Please contact PDC for a thorough description of how GDPR data is processed in PDC Plan.


Is PDC Plan available in several languages?

Yes, PDC Plan is available in eight languages and can be translated into most other languages on request. It is also possible to adapt the language in PDC Plan to include company-specific terms.


Can PDC deliver planning assistance?

Yes, PDC is happy to help with the practical shift planning to customers who do not have the time or competence to utilize the PDC Plan system to the full.


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