Ground Handler Operations Management

Ensure precise manning, compliance with SLA's and stay ahead in daily dispatch

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Ground Handling Resource Planning and Dispatch

PDC Plan is an all-in-one system, that supports the entire planning process from long-term demand forecasting and balancing of employees and GSE through the daily dispatch of tasks to administrative follow-up. PDC Plan integrates with applicable aviation and HR/payroll systems and configures easily to individual demand.

PDC Plan contributes to operational control and on-time performance by assisting the dispatcher and other organizational units to execute daily operations in real time. This is in accordance with IATA AHM, applicable regulations and customer SLA. Fines and penalties are thereby avoided.

PDC Plan handles hundreds of complex rules, labor agreements and different ways of planning. PDC Plan guarantees fixed routines and a standardized interpretation of rules – both in the individual Handling Company and across national borders.


airport ground handling resource planning

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PDC Plan is supplied as a turnkey solution and configured to the individual ground handler’s wishes. Close links with our clients are kept by a dedicated and capable support team, after startup, through support, training and system maintenance.

Entire Work Process

PDC Plan provides you with excellent decision support facilities to accommodate the entire process of Planning Employees and Mobile Resources:

  • Staff and Equipment Planning is based on traffic information and SLAs. The demand is matched with Labour Agreements, skills, etc.
  • Long term Staff Balancing – Based on operational needs, vacation, training, etc.
  • Traffic schedules, MVT, LDM, passenger volumes, etc.
  • Staff Adjustments – Roster, vacancy and absence adjustments, etc.
  • Day of Operation – Last minute adjustments due to traffic changes, sickness, etc.
  • Follow-up – Audits, KPIs, Business Intelligence, Budgets, etc.

Flexible and Configurable

Work processes are often specific for individual service providers. PDC Plan manages an unlimited number of rules and regulations. The ground handler can configure the system when processes need to be implemented and/or changed.

Increases Responsiveness

Based on detailed flight information PDC Plan automatically creates tasks, shows passenger and load prognosis, estimates manpower and equipment needs, cost, etc. This enables the planner to:

  • Create effective rosters which match demands
  • Meet SLA requirements
  • Reduce administration
  • Increase productivity for employee and ground support equipment resources

Alerts and Overview

The use of actual traffic updates enables PDC Plan to automatically keep track of on-time performance of all planned tasks. This ensures that tasks are finalized on-time, thereby reducing the risk of flights delays.


  • Automation eliminates tedious manual work and increases responsiveness
  • Alerts and overview improve on time performance
  • Employee involvement in planning contributes to Employee satisfaction and reduced workload for Planners
  • Full transparency over Payroll Expenses
  • Flexible and user friendly configurable system

Flemming Glyager, Director for PDC’s Airport Solutions Division

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