MyPlan is an employee app

The mobile phone is part of our everyday life for payment, identification, navigation etc. Therefore, we also expect the possibility to manage our work plans on the phone

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App to PDC Plan, MyPlan

MyPlan can be accessed on smartphones and works as the employee’s entrance to PDC Plan.

MyPlan makes it easy to involve employees in the work schedule and give them influence on the final work plan. Staff can submit wishes for duties and absence. In an already published plan, they can give away shifts or  exchange shifts with a colleague.

In addition, employees can register hours, see future and realized work plans and Time Sheet Totals (statements of i.e. additional hours earned, settled time off, vacation etc.).

MyPlan integrates with calendars e.g. Outlook. Finally, it is possible for the individual employee to chat with colleagues or the planner through MyPlan or SMS, and the planner can send messages to a group of employees.

MyPlan is an employee app to StaffPlan


  • Easily accessible on smartphones
  • Always up-to-date
  • Safe and easy communication
  • No more print-outs
  • Happy staff


Request Shifts and Absence

MyPlan supports involvement of employees in shift planning. Staff can submit preferences for duties which provides flexible planning, administrative savings, increased productivity and loyalty to plans.
All preferences are transferred to the planner working in PDC Plan and he may reject or approve the wishes in an ongoing process. Upon approval of a wish the employee will immediately see the results in his work plan. Meeting staff preferences leads to higher satisfaction, increased responsibility and reduces absenteeism.

Exchange Shifts

Once the work plan has been published you enter the “operation” phase which is where you can e.g. exchange shifts with colleagues.

Exchange means: You want to get rid of a specific shift so you ask a colleague to take this shift. In exchange you find one of your colleague’s shifts, which you suggest to take instead.
Your colleague can accept or refuse. If your colleague accepts the status will be turn into “waiting for planner” to confirm.

Give away means: that you asks ALL of your colleagues, if one of them would take over your shift – and he will not get one in return.

The first colleague to answer gets the shift.
Once the planner has accepted or rejected the Exchange or Give Away request the new plan is immediately visible in the employee’s work plan.

PDC MyPlan is the employee's entrance to submitting work preferences, swap shifts, etc.

Offer Shifts

In PDC Plan, the planner can offer shifts to everybody with the proper skills – e.g in case of sickness. To find a replacement, the planner wants an employee who is not working on a given day to take the shift. The planner makes an offer and the system finds all employees available.


The employee can register and edit actual work hours in MyPlan – e.g. if he works differently from the plan.

The planner checks the records in PDC Plan, and accepts or rejects the registrations. Other adjustments may be added to the roster in PDC Plan – these adjustments are shown immediately in MyPlan.

When the “registration” phase ceases the plan is ready and the salary processing can begin. Salary files are transferred to the payroll system.


The employee can check his balances in MyPlan and all data is up-to-date at all times. MyPlan is a good way to keep track of performed work, planned shifts, time-off-in-lieu, etc.

You can even check if your pay slip is correct and you get the bonuses you are entitled to.


Different Views

  • Daily, weekly and monthly plans
  • Work details on the day
  • Colleagues plan
  • Messages from colleagues or planner
  • And more

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