Flight Crew Scheduling

The all-in-one solution covers crew planning, pairing creation, roster construction and control, crew tracking and manages crew records.

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Airline Crew Scheduling –
PDC FlightCrew

PDC’s FlightCrew Scheduling software streamlines the entire process of managing the Cockpit and Cabin Crew assignments. The solution covers support for:

  • Manpower Planning
  • Pairing Creation
  • Automatic Rostering and Control
  • Crew Tracking
  • Crew Records Management
  • Custom Reporting


“PDC Airline Suite is a good system and we are very happy about it – including the special adjustments we had made in relation to our particular businessThe support, training and attention to our business exceeds what we have experienced from any IT Suppliers.”

Palma Kajsdöttir, Operations Manager in Atlantic Airways

Airline fleet planning with PDC FlightCrew


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Manpower Planning

A wealth of features ensures that the right Crew with the right qualifications are in the right place at the right time. PDC FlightCrew assures that the schedules do not conflict with various kinds of constraints, and that they comply with laws and regulations.

Crew preferences and requests are handled and taken into consideration before publishing the schedules. The integration with PDC FlightTime enables the Scheduler to simulate different future scenarios.

PDC FlightCrew handles different combinations of rule sets such as EASA and other FTL’s with different variations and keeps track of all factors related to Crew. Cosmic Radiation monitoring can be integrated with systems providing real-time data and per diem and payroll applicable data are handled as well and can be exported to third party payroll systems.

Pairing Creation

Interactive pairing construction includes all flying and non-flying activities, legality checks, crew complement, pairing series days and date range, pairing qualifications and e.g. hotel requirements and booking information to show any crewmembers not staying at the default hotel. It is possible to create series throughout the entire season.

Automatic Rostering and Control

Automatic rostering is all about balancing block hours, duty hours, preferred destinations, standby etc., using pre-assigned credit (rostering) values to non-flying activities and vacation etc. as a balancing value.

This feature handles display of ‘Requests’ on roster display and a rostering ‘Restart’ capability, if required.

There is a ‘Pin Mode’ for locking selected pairings and/or activities to rosters (training etc.) and a manual rostering, both methods of rostering use a ‘fair and equal’ assignment.

Automatic Rostering and Control handles user definable activity categories and activity types (ground duties, days off, vacation and deadheading, etc.) and define colors for all activities are user definable at the time of creation and amendable at any time later.

Crew Tracking

PDC Airline Suite makes the entire process of managing the cockpit and cabin crew assignment more efficient and much simpler The applications cover pairing creation, roster construction and control, crew tracking and crew records.

The crew schedulers are ensured that the right crew with the right qualifications is in the right place at the right time.

PDC Airline Suite is able to handle simultaneously various kinds of constraints within the schedule assuring high efficacy and complying with laws and regulations.

Crew Portal

An additional web module, CrewConnex, provides all the desirable features to Crew Members to view their own Rosters, personal information, communicate with Planners and much more.

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  • Easy Airline Crew Pairing and Roster Construction
  • Simple Management of complicated Crew Rules
  • Flexible publication of Crew Schedules
  • Comprehensive Schedules Control and Tracking
  • Automatic and fast Roster Scheduling
  • Personal Crew Interface to all plans, duties, accounts, etc.


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Sales Director

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