Commercial Schedules Planning for Airlines

The focus is on optimizing utilisation of the fleet, keeping track of activities and easy checking for extra capacity to increase business.

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Fleet Management – FlightTime

PDC FlightTime is the Schedules Creation Module where you make the Seasonal Program. The focus is on optimising the Fleet, keeping track of activities and ease of checking for extra capacity to increase business.

The Planning Officer is supported by comprehensive graphical displays and the various functions in the application for:

  • Commercial Schedules Planning
  • Slot Management
  • Maintenance Handling


 PDC Airline Suite is used by 30+ International Airlines


PDC FlightTime assists with Slot Handling – from SHL, Initial Submission, SAL, Slot Return process and automatically sends all SCRs and receives Offers within the same system.

In the planning stage any number of Flight programs can be generated using either a real or virtual fleet of aircraft. The system then analyses the planned schedule against the real aircraft resources and either creates an optimised Operational Schedule or advises where remedial action is needed.

Once the Operational Schedule is confirmed, PDC FlightTime will generate all the schedule notification messages (ASMs and SSMs) required by internal departments such as Reservations, Sales, Marketing, etc. and also external organisations such as OAG, ABC, Amadeus, Worldspan, etc.

By automating most of the communication between the Airline and the Slot Coordinator, PDC’s Systems eliminate the time spent by Route Planners on requesting and changing slots. Additionally, the solution compares the timetable with the allocated slots and helps planners to get early warnings on scheduling problems.

PDC’s solution continuously monitors the status of the allocated slots and warns Planners if there is a risk of losing valuable slots according to the 80/20 rule. By assisting the airline to follow IATA standards, the Slot Management System reduces the risk of fines or other sanctions from Coordinators and Airports.


“Seven months ago, we decided to switch Ops System and Supplier. Today, we are operating with PDC Airline Suite and all implementation plans are kept 100%”

Palma Kajsdóttir, Operations manager in Atlantic Airways



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  • Better on time performance and increased productivity
  • Substantial cost savings via improved aircraft utilisation
  • Streamlined Operations Control and Schedules Planning from a single source of information

Lars Hvid Malmquist,
Sales Director

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