SGHA Contract and Invoice Management

An airline solution providing automatic SGHA invoice reconciliation, simplified RFP comparison and budget forecasting

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SGHA Contract and Invoice Mgmt –
PDC GroundCost

PDC GroundCost is a SGHA solution for airlines to manage ground handling contracts and invoices. The system has been developed in close collaboration with Aegean Airlines with valuable input from several small to mid-sized airlines.

Based on interviews with key persons at the participating airlines, we found evidence that up to 10% of invoices for ground handling services contain mistakes, and that airlines could save up to 2.5% of their yearly ground handling budget, if they checked their invoices thoroughly. We also found that many airlines only do spot checking, because it is time consuming and difficult. PDC GroundCost makes this process much simpler and mostly automatic.


Once we have the contracts and the price models in the system, we can now check most invoices in just a few minutes

Stathis Trivoureas, System Support and Report Analyst, Aegean Airlines


Ground handling contract and invoice management

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SGHA Contract Management

The system keeps track of SGHA contracts, airport charges and other contracts for services in the airport. It provides a comprehensive overview of existing contracts, notifying the user when contracts need to be renewed. Using detailed models of the cost structure for the services provided under the contract, PDC GroundCost can calculate accurate budgets based on the planned future flight schedule. With the integrated business intelligence solution, users can break down the costs and gain valuable insights into the cost differences between stations and suppliers. All of which is valuable when negotiating new contracts.

SGHA Invoice Reconciliation

After the schedule is flown, PDC GroundCost eliminates nearly all the manual work associated with checking invoices. Expected costs are calculated based on the actual flown schedule including such details as pax numbers, bags, delays, etc. The expected costs are then compared with the invoiced amounts, which can be imported in the industry standard IS-XML format. When differences are found, the Controller can create disputes and ask the Supplier to credit those amounts.

PDC GroundCost is a hosted, web based solution, which is also accessible on mobile devices. Having access to all contract and cost details while on the move is crucial when discussing business with your suppliers.

PDC GroundCost integrates directly to PDC FlightTime and FlightOps, but can equally work with third party Fleet Management and Operations Control systems.


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  • Cost Savings
  • Easy RFP Comparisons
  • Good Overview of Contract Expiry and Workload
  • Excellent Cost Overview
  • Access Contracts Anywhere, Anytime



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