Flight Operations Planning for Private Jets

The most complete and innovative solution for procurement, contract creation, document management and flight planning in General Aviation. PDC FlightCharter ensures efficiency and quality in your private jets business.

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Private Jet Management – FlightCharter

PDC FlightCharter guides you through the entire workflow from a potential Customer makes contact, through actual operation to post flight data recording and reporting – ensuring efficiency and quality in your business.

The solution is a first-class suite of applications for Scheduling and Managing of flights, documents, Crew, Handlers, etc. This provides Sales Personnel, Flight and Crew Planners with a unique tool for handling different kinds of contracts, negotiated price, Customer information and other related information.


“We have chosen the PDC FlightCharter solution to support our business processes. Data is only created once and available when needed. It has also been important for us to find a Software Supplier with leading Aviation Software competence, so we can continue to strive to be professional and competitive in the future.”

Henning Tæstesen, Air Alsie


PDC FlightCharter builds on top of PDC FlightTime, FlightOps and FlightCrew where all modules are working on the same data – from pre-sales quotations to after flight calculations.

This high quality data provides big time savings and helps safe guard against human error.   It eliminates duplicated work and manual controls when there are adjustments to assignments or flights.

When changes to a planned flight occur, adjustments and cancellations related to planned preparations will need to be made. For this, PDC FlightCharter offers an automatically updated Checklist providing you with an overview of what needs your attention from the current Flight Plan status.


  • Coherent data flow saves time and redundant manual operations
  • Smooth communication ensures quality in deliverables
  • Easy management of documents minimises errors
  • Assurance that plans are implementable
  • Fast and easy to set up flights, offers and quotations

Lars Hvid Malmquist,
Sales Director

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