Airport Scheduling and Operational Systems

PDC offers a broad suite of Operational Systems and Resource Scheduling applications that help Airports streamline and automate their processes.

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Airport Operations Management

Run your airport operations smoothly with PDC Airport Suite 

Streamline and automate your airport operations with the PDC Airport Suite. PDC offers a broad suite of Operational Systems and Resource Scheduling applications.


Cover all the airport operations with PDC Airport Suite 

Run your airport operations smoothly with PDC Airport Suite. You get an extensive solution to manage your airport scheduling and operational systems. PDC understands the complexity of the ever-changing Aviation Industry with its 30 years of expertise. 

Your PDC Airport Suite integrates seamlessly with PDC SCORE (slot coordination) and is the central hub of information exchanged between airport stakeholders. 


Key benefits

  • Elevate your operational performance
  • Optimise your resource planning
  • Increase your data quality that forms the backbone of your operations
  • Minimise manual inputs with dataflow automation
  • Solutions tailor-made for small to midsized airports


See the list of airport operations you can manage with PDC Airport Suite:

PDC Airport Operational Database – Cover all the aspects of the airport operations. Collects and consolidate your information from a multitude of sources into a common overall operational picture. You can run PDC AODB in multi airport mode, serving independent airports or a family of airports.AODB from PDC

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PDC FIDS – Customise your Flight Information Display completely while experiencing 1-2 seconds response times for monitor updates.Airport FIDS system from PDC

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PDC PAS – Automate your passenger and flight announcements in the airport. PDC PAS reacts immediately to any change in the underlying real time data.Airport Passenger Announcement System

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PDC StandPlan – Schedule and manage your airport stands, gates and lounges resources at your  – both long-term planning and on day of operation.PDC StandPlan integrates seamlessly with both PDC AODB or clients’ existing AODB.

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PDC Plan – Manage your Staff and Ground Support Equipment for all-in-one Airport rescue planning, execution, and Follow-up solution. The solution solves the complexity of handling e.g. aircraft/ timetable changes, real-time movements, and disruptions.airport ground handling resource planning

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Testimonial for PDC Airport Suite 

After almost 20 years of cooperation, I would like to say that PDC is a supplier who fully understands the needs of the customer and has expertise that contributes to extremely good deliveries in all areas.” 

Flemming Hølvold, Avinor


Flemming Glyager, Director for PDC’s Airport Solutions Division

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