Airport Billing for small and medium sized airports

Good billing data is essential for airports to be able to collect aviation charges on time

Create solid airport billing for your airport

Collect your aviation charges on time through good airport billing data created by PDC Billing.


Eliminate data inconsistency and raise the quality of your invoices with PDC Billing

Collect your aviation charges on time through quality airport billing data. You will eliminate data inconsistencies and raise the quality of your invoices with PDC Billing. It results in faster and smoother payment from your airline clients.

PDC Billing was designed in collaboration with airport charges experts. You get a fully automated airport billing component of the PDC Airport Suite that manages all your service fees invoices to airlines.

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Invoice different types of payments through your airport billing

With PDC Billing you can invoice different types of payments – automated standard landing fees, stored handling agreements and manually recorded individual performances. You can calculate and add fees for every type of information in your PDC Billing system.

PDC Billing is optimised for use in combination with PDC AODB. Using actual flight data for airport billing ensures accuracy. PDC Billing ensures that every operation is invoiced once and only once.

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Key benefits

  • Save administrative costs through automation of billing processes – no more paper notes of supplied services
  • Secure the billing chain – automate and streamline your invoicing workflow
  • Improved quality invoicing for smoother payments – reduces sources of errors related to manual entries
  • Ensure timely invoicing for all delivered services at the correct rates – accurate billing gives less complaints and timely payments


Improve your airport billing with PDC Billing

Automation of your airport billing increases staff productivity and efficiency. You get accurate invoicing and significant time savings in the billing process and invoice queries. Your financial department will work with comprehensive features that give your employees complete control over the billing process, enabling them to deliver a more cost effective, informed, and comprehensive service to airlines.


Manage all your airport billing in one system – PDC Billing

With PDC Billing you can manage all your airport billing and invoicing in one place – no need for multiple systems.
And with a fully digital solution you eliminate unstructured paper notes of supplied services.


Cover all your airport billing categories

You might as many other airports work with a standard and official price table, but you might also deal with some airlines that can negotiate a discount – such as introduction or volume discounts. With PDC Billing, you can create any type of discount model and price table.

Example of possible service charges:

  • Airspace Usage: Billing inbound, outbound, go around, etc.
  • Airport Operations: Parking charges, infrastructure charges, passenger and ground handling or special services
  • Ad-hoc services: Catering, de-icing etc.

If your airport works with staff delivering services to the aircrafts on the forecourt, you can use our convenient app for registration of services. Your staff can run this app on a mobile phone or tablet. The worker only needs to type in the aircraft registration number and the service delivered. The system binds the delivered service to the correct flight number and customer.


Improve your customer service with PDC Billing

Typically, when data is collected for airport billing and invoice purposes, it can contain errors which end up costing your business both time and money in dispute resolution and late collection.

With PDC Billing you eliminate inconsistencies and verify that correct data is used from the start of the invoicing process. You will be able to submit faster and collect sooner, with less surprises and fewer disruptions.

With PDC Billing you establish a simple and transparent airport billing process, which creates more harmonious and trusting relationship between airports and airlines.


Establish an easy data for tax auditors and accountants

Your accountants and tax auditors can easily access your auditable data at any time because of the structured loading processes for all steps of the calculation. The billing is documented and traceable throughout.



Flemming Glyager, Director for PDC’s Airport Solutions Division

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