Airport Billing for small and medium sized airports

Good billing data is essential for airports to be able to collect aviation charges on time

Airport Billing

Good billing data is essential for airports to be able to collect aviation charges on time. PDC Billing eliminates data inconsistencies and raises the quality of your invoices and ultimately helps ensure faster and smoother payment from your client airlines.

Designed by flight charging experts, PDC Billing is a fully automated billing component of PDC Airport Suite that manages all the service fees invoiced to airlines.

All information from operational systems is available for the fee calculation. Whether automated, standard landing fees, stored handling agreements or manually recorded individual performances – with PDC Billing you can invoice them all.

PDC Billing is optimized for use in combination with PDC AODB. Using real flight data for billing ensures accuracy. PDC Billing ensures that every operation is invoiced once and only once.

Automation Improves Efficiency

Automation leads to improved staff productivity and efficiency, accurate invoicing and significant time savings in the billing process and invoice queries. The comprehensive features ensure users have complete control over the billing process, enabling them to deliver a more cost effective, informed, and comprehensive service to airlines.

Manage All in One System

With PDC Billing you can manage all your billing and invoicing in one place. No need for multiple systems.

Cover all Billing Categories

Typically, airports have an standard and official price table, but in some cases airline can negotiate a discount. The discount could be an introduction discount or a volume discount. PDC Billing is highly flexible and is capable of modelling any discount model.
Example of possible service charges:

  • Airspace Usage: Billing inbound, outbound, go around, etc.
  • Airport Operations: Parking charges, infrastructure charges, passenger and ground handling or special services
  • Ad-hoc services: like catering, de-icing etc.

In cases where the airport has staff delivering services to the aircrafts on the forecourt a small APP for registration of services is available. The APP can run on a mobile phone or tablet. The worker only needs to type in the aircraft reg number and the service he has delivered. The system will then try to bind the delivered service to the right Flight number and customer.

Improved Customer Service

Often, collecting data for billing and invoicing purposes is a nuisance. It is also likely to contain errors which end up costing your business both time and money in dispute resolutions and late collection.

By eliminating these inconsistencies and verifying that correct data is used from the start of the invoicing process, you will be able to submit faster and collect sooner, with less surprises and fewer disruptions.

PDC Billing not only makes billing easier for airports, it also facilitates a more harmonious and trusting relationship between airports and airlines, thanks to the simplicity and visibility of the billing process.

Auditable Invoices

Because of the structured loading processes for all steps of the calculation, billing is documented and traceable throughout. Auditable data is thus at any times available for tax auditors and accountants.


  • Save administrative costs through automation of billing processes
  • Securing the billing chain
  • Reducing sources of errors related to manual entries
  • Accurate billing gives less complaints and timely payments

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